The Medium is the Message



The medium is the message. We believe that Website Design is not only about website anymore. The designer has to see the bigger picture and create a design which cuts across all kinds of devices be it a laptop or a mobile or a tablet. We design websites to be user friendly and which convey the overall brand experience in every interaction rather than just being a ledger of information. With optimal usage of cinemagraphs, chatbots, videos, we create a wholesome experience for your user.


The proof of the pudding is in eating it. A good website is no good if it is not accessible “all” the time to “all” the users. The websites need to also keep pace with the growing traffic and should be secure from malicious attacks.With the whole world moving to cloud based solutions like AWS, Azure our team can ensure that your website is up and securely running for all its users at a low cost.


A backend database is perhaps the most important piece of your business. It is imperative to keep this data safe and it should be readily available. Our technical team will understand your requirements and design a linear or a non-linear database based on your requirements. This database will also be integrated with your MIS to help you take business decisions.


As much it is important for businesses to have a CRM to manage customer data it is equally important to integrate this system with your website, mobile app, email servers, MIS. A good CRM integration ensures that your sales team is well aware of your customer’s need and availability. Our team can integrate your existing CRM systems like SalesForce or Zoho or can customize one for your specific requirements.


As much as it is important to create valuable content for your website or enterprise knowledge base, it is equally important to manage this content smartly  for version control and access control. Enterprise-wide content creation or even a website content creation is a collaborative effort and it can easily lead to chaos if not managed properly. Our team has extensive content management experience for large portals where we can use CMS like Wordpress to help you manage your content.


The difference between a sales and an unhappy prospect can be as little as a broken link on your web-page. Customers are unforgiving of enterprises which land them on pages which do not exist or make them click buttons which do not yield the desired results. A good testing of all the possible use cases and fixing the bugs before going live differentiates the good companies from the best. Our team of QA can help you develop all the possible use cases and with a judicious use of testing tools and human testing can ensure that your customers do not encounter and surprises while navigating your website.

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