We believe that the battle for the fourth screen is still on. Today, mobile is the first preference for almost all the users. An average smartphone packs more power and versatility than your average computer a few years ago. We believe in a mobile-first strategy and create user-friendly apps for you Android or iOS devices.


Given that our customers are mobile and so are our employees it is imperative for any organization to have an enterprise wide mobile strategy. It is even more important to understand the target audience, the user behaviour, the business processes and the way forward. Our team will deep dive into all of these before coming out with a mobile strategy which actually works.


Giants likes Twitter, Facebook, Evernote have started moving from Native or Web-based apps to Hybrid Apps which use the native features of the mobile phone. A hybrid app does not need a separate codebase and it is easy to scale. Our team can work with you to understand the requirement for a Hybrid app and our technology team can then create it on paltforms like Phonegap.


A lot of times an enterprise does not require a separate app for its user but rather it wants its website to be rendered nicely on all kinds of devices.  Given the plethora of devices which are available in the market, the website should render equally well on the devices. We believe in Responsive Development while building any website and we help clients transform from a non-Responsive design to a Responsive one.

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